Nas Covers Complex Magazine

In a shoot inspired by the classic Spike Lee film “Do The Right Thing”, Queens MC Nas covers the latest edition of Complex Magazine.

At age 38, he’s putting the finishing touches on his tenth studio album “Life Is Good”… a title that speaks volumes about his current state of mind. In an interview with Complex’s Rob Marriot, God’s Son talks about his divorce, rap battles, and his new music.

Here’s an excerpt in which he shares his advice for aspiring artists:

I tell aspiring artists: Say what you want to say, and speak what you really feel. If people don’t get it at first, or it seems too heavy for people, that’s just what it is.

I toned it down at times. I started to feel like a nerd when I was a young dude, and that wasn’t what I wanted to get across. I wanted to be relatable. And that was part of my mistake, because I toned it down a lot.

I say to the young: don’t. If you tone it down, still make it come off beautiful. Not everything I did came off beautiful. It came off as if I was trying to relate to people who don’t get me. In order to exist, I felt like I had to tone it down. So for a long time, I did.

This shoot was styled by the great June Ambrose. The issue hits newsstands June 5th, but you can read the full cover story now, by clicking here.


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