Movie Review: Think Like A Man

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I’m sure that many will have reservations about seeing the new film Think Like A Man, and for good reason. The idea that the film is based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling self-help “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” could serve as a deterrent to those who may have disliked the book. Plus, of late, many of the films that we’ve seen featuring majority (or all) black casts have left much to be desired. Think Like A Man distances itself from the pack, and while the book plays an integral role in the film… it’s not the focal point.

If you read the book, you know that there are no characters. The screenwriters did a great job of integrating the principles of the book and applying them to real-life situations. The main four storylines were interwoven well, making the story both believable and relate-able. Full disclosure, the movie does drag a bit in the first half hour, but remainder of the 2hr+ film will be worth the time, especially if you’re in need of a good laugh. Most of those chuckles come at the hands of a certain vertically challenged comedian.

Kevin Hart anchors the entire film. His character, Cedric, is a recent divorcee with a bitter outlook on relationships that provides great comic relief throughout the film. In his first official theatrical release, BET Host & radio personality Terrence J really steps up to the plate. He cut his acting chops on a few episodes of “The Game” last season, leaving a lot to be desired. In TLAM however, his strong portrayal of Michael, an ultra successful mama’s boy, is evidence that he’s taken the craft of acting seriously, and is on track to have a successful career in film. Not to be outdone, the ladies in this ensemble cast deserve some accolade as well. Two of the more prominent performances come at the hands of Megan Good (who plays Mya, a woman struggling to enforce the 90 day no-sex rule) and Gabrielle Union (who plays Kristen, a woman seeking a ring from her commitment-phobe boyfriend of 9 years.) There are cameos out the wazoo, one might argue there are too many, but all in all, the film is a win.

What’s left to be seen is how audiences react. While it tested through the roof, better than any film in the history of Sony Screen Gems, TLAM has a few hurdles to overcome. There will always be the “majority black cast = black film” stigma which sometimes serves as a deterrent to diverse crowds. While it may sound crazy, I get it. In this case however, regardless of the color of the people in the film, the subject matter is universal: men & women sometimes struggle to understand each other. Relationship issues move beyond color lines, and Think Like A Man has the goods.

Go see it> Whether you’re black, white, male or female… you’ll enjoy.


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