Happy Birthday Rihanna…


Today is Rihanna’s 21st Birthday.

Unfortunately it’s been overshadowed by the recent drama surrounding her relationship with R&B Singer/Actor Chris Brown. On Thursday, TMZ released a picture from the night of her attack. The picture is horrific, just as they reported. It’s so horrific, that I can not bring myself to post it on this site. What I will do, however, is pray that God continues to bless all parties involved.

The LAPD has released a statement saying that they are looking into who leaked the photograph, and how TMZ obtained it. In my opinion, the release and the posting of the photo was extremely unethical. Rihanna is a domestic violence victim. It should not matter that she is a celebrity. She has the rights of any other person in this country. I do not think there is any excusing this situation. Someone in the LAPD needs to be fired.

Let me also take the time out to remind you that violence is real. There is no excusing someone hitting you. If you need help getting out of an abusive relationship, check out these websites, email me, facebook me, comment on this post…whatever! Don’t be afraid to reach out. As you can see, terrible things can happen to anyone. Just think about it.




Take care of yourself people.

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